Biz Tips With Jo Packham

I love real biz chats with women who aren’t afraid to share the real deal of what it takes to thrive in business. Today, I had a great talk with Jo Packham of Where Women Create Magazine. Jo shared her real numbers including how many people read her magazine, why she doesn’t use traditional advertising and how she reaches her ideal clients. She also gave some great tips about how to approach a magazine (in case you want to be in one!)

 We talked about how to stay relevant in the ever changing digital world + the power of social media and the email list. Watch the interview below to learn more and make sure to stay to the end where there’s a special invite for you to join us in growing our audiences together.

Jo Packham.png

Want to grow your biz with us?

Successful business owners learn from each other. Women love to support each other and share, it’s how we grow! In this interview we announced that Jo will be joining us in the next Email List Building Mastermind!!!

As a leading innovator in the handmade publishing market for over 35 years, Jo is experienced in growing a multi-faceted biz. She also has over 17,000 on her email list!!! We are so lucky to have her join us as we learn together and support each other in growing our email lists!


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