hello oil lover

Want to know one of my secrets to creating a beautiful home and sweet spot life? A couple of years ago I discovered the power of one tiny little drop of essential oil. It was lemon. The scent lit me up like a dose of sunshine.

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Why Oils

I'm so glad to hear that you are interested in learning about essential oils! Since using them nearly two years ago, I've discovered some pretty cool uses for them. I'm always looking for ways to replace toxic medicines with natural remedies, so it's been amazing to discover how to use these plant based oils to cure some common physical ailments + support our family's emotional needs.




Why doterra

There are lots of crappy oils out there y'all! I choose Doterra because they are super high quality.

Doterra oils source from where the plant flourishes, making sure the soil is primed, harvested at the perfect time, distilled for the ideal amount of time at the perfect temperature – this leads to a high quality Essential Oil.

Along with super high quality, I like that doTERRA is a company that gives back. The mission includes working with women and children to improve lives. That's something I'm proud to be support. 



How to get some

  • To purchase your oils click HERE.
  • Click 'Join & Save' at the top
  • Follow link to 'Join doTERRA'
  • Select your language and country
  • Select Wellness Advocate to start your business OR select Wholesale Customer to buy at wholesale
  • Follow the directions & add my member # when prompted: 3403238
  • Having trouble? Watch this STEP BY STEP VIDEO to purchase your oils
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