THRIVE is a A six-week interview series designed to help develop your brand and grow your biz!

Co-hosted by Desha Peacock of Sweet Spot Style and artist-designer Molly Hatch.

In today's complex marketplace, creatives have many jobs. In addition to honing our skills as makers and designers we have to learn to be our own marketers, sales-people, web-designers, social media masters and so much more. THRIVE is an affordable six-week series of interviews with successful artists, agents, book editors, and others who have mastered the art of making money doing the creative work they love.

This series is designed to help you develop your brand, build the skills you need to expand your creative business, learn the best tricks of the trade from industry experts and think beyond traditional methods of reaching your market.

This six-week series covers a wide range of topics to help you develop an audience and define your brand. Topics include:

  1. Monetizing Your Audience

  2. Defining Your Brand on Social Media

  3. Selling Online + Branding Your Website

  4. Art that Sells: Licensing 101

  5. Landing Your First Book Deal

  6. Collaborating with Brand Partners

Thrive is now closed.