Travel around the world with your family!


Is traveling the world on your bucket list?

Whether you want to travel the world, or have some other big dream, there are always obstacles that stand in the way of creating your Sweet Spot.

Let’s face it, the majority of folks probably couldn’t get beyond what to do with the cat, much less be able to tackle all it takes to plan, execute and pay for a 9 month tour around the world with a family of four. What about your jobs? What about school? What about the mortgage? What about the GOOSE????

In this video interview below, Liz Jackson of Gogi Abroad shares how she overcame all of these obstacles and more, so that she and her family could experience the trip of a lifetime.

Even if traveling isn’t #1 on your dream list, I encourage you to watch this anyway and allow yourself to think about what dreams you’ve written off because they seemed impossible.

Nothing is impossible when the desire is there.

Inspired to take your own trip, but prefer to go solo? Come with me on retreat and let’s walk that path together…

Desha Peacock