How to License Your Art an Interview with Artist Bari J.

I recently interviewed the very talented artist Bari with Bari J Designs!

Bari has produced 15 collections of fabric, art for wallpaper, home decor, wall art, & more. Known as the “curated maximalist” Bari has landed licensing deals that have gotten her work into such retailers as Anthropologie, Pier 1 Imports, Barnes & Noble & many more. Many of my clients are artists so I’m always interested to connect with artists who are successfully making money doing what they love. When I found Bari on Instagram and heard a bit of her personal story towards stepping into being an artist I knew I needed to interview her! I was eager to ask her all the juicy questions around licensing art + her mindset change into her journey as entrepreneur/artist.

With a background in theatre and six years of college under her belt she was well equipped in the department of persistence, creativity and a strong work ethic. Bari shares:

  • How she landed her first big deal with handbag designs.

  • How she started designing fabrics even though she didn’t consider herself an artist.

  • What you should do if you are just starting out and want to license your art.

In this interview, Bari gives insider tips and advice on trade shows, what to invest your money in, and efficient strategies to grow your unique brand.

You can find Bari on her website and on Instagram Facebook Pinterest AND her class on Pattern Design for Painters (A Photoshop Class for Traditional Artists) on Skillshare!

Here’s a list of trade shows & websites she’s recommended you all check out… but be sure to check out the interview to get all the details.

Spoonflower - A digital printing company that prints custom fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. Great place to sell your pattern work!

Skillshare - An online learning community for creators. Online classes at Skillshare can be created by anyone who wants to teach.

SURTEX - A  global B2B marketplace for sourcing original art & design—where artists, art agents, licensing agencies and licensors connect with manufacturers, retailers and licensees to create the next best-selling products in every category imaginable.

Blue Print - Blue Print brings together a fantastic collection of studios and designers that are producing a print show by themselves for their clients.

Quilt Market - Quilts, Inc. is the parent company of two public shows and two trade shows for the quilting and soft crafts industry.

Jewel Branding - Jewel Branding & Licensing helps brands, designers, artists, manufacturers, media companies and retailers increase consumer engagement through compelling design.

The Crafters Market - Book by Abigail Glassenberg, Bari wrote a four page piece in this book.

Brittany Ratelle - Attorney for creative entrepreneurs.




Desha Peacock