Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.
— Hazrat Inayat Khan
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When it comes to the home, it’s essential to feel like you’re in your Sweet Spot. If you want to live in a tiny cabin by the ocean so you can go surfing any time of the day or night- so be it. If you want a luxurious mansion filled with chandeliers and white carpet (and can afford it) so be it. Your home is your nest, a place that embraces you, a place where you can let go of all pretenses and simply be yourself. You can create a home that makes you feel like you are in your Sweet Spot by creating an environment that reflects your personal style, values, budget and your dreams


Sweet Spot Style goes beyond home décor, while filled with visual eye candy, it also explores how creatively expressing yourself in your home and gardens can help you create the life you really want to live. It’s the first book that combines New Thought Philosophy/Personal Development with Home Décor.


Do you desire a comfy cozy home with quilts and china tea cups, or prefer a clean white space to calm you, or maybe a bit of glam to invoke your inner pop star? Are you attracted to clean modern lines or do you want to surround yourself with culturally diverse motifs to remind you of world travels and nostalgia? Perhaps it’s a mix of several of these styles. Whatever it is, you can live in the style you crave.

In Sweet Spot Style you’ll be inspired by stories of everyday women with busy lives and limited budgets who have infused personal values, meaning, and style into their homes and through their stories, you’ll learn how to create your own Sweet Spot that reflects who you are and what’s important to you so you can draw more of that into your life.

Sweet Spot Home Decor