Grow Your Creative Career With Mati Rose

Wow, talk about getting REAL. We laughed, we cried. Mati shared the incredible story of a dark time when she was grieving from a sudden divorce. It got so bad that she actually had to borrow $50 from her sister to launch an email that ended up making her $35,000 in revenue. Talk about the power of an email list. 

We also talked about why creatives don't talk business and how we are shattering that right now. If you want transparency, you got it. 


30 days of free ConvertKit !

I started with Mailchimp, but moved over to ConvertKit for these reasons:

  • No janky double opt's or making your subscriber open the email to get your freebie.

  • No duplicate subscribers (not paying for duplicates)

  • Easy form-specific opt in (multiple forms per list)

  • Easier automation + sequencing (important for challenges or e-mail courses)

  • Much better tagging and segmenting system (reducing unsubscribes)

  • Link tiggers (so people on your list don't have to re-opt-in to your freebies/resources)


2 Bonus Videos!


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