From Artist Dream to Reality

Do you have a dream of being an artist? Would you like to travel the world, participate in art residencies, or show your work internationally?

Meet Margaret Byrd, or Byrdie as her friends call her.

Byrdie works full-time, is a single mom and is also in charge of her taking care of her mother who suffers from dementia.

Despite it all, Byrdie’s passion for her art prevails. It’s this passion that drove her to connect with me. We’ve been working together for just about a year now and I wanted to interview her for a few reasons:

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4 Reasons to watch this:

Reason 1: Learn what it REALLY takes to pursue your creative dream. In the interview we talk about the number one reason why Byrdie found success. Spoiler alert: She does what she says she’s going to do, despite her personal challenges and time constraints.

Reason 2: Find out when it’s time to INVEST in your dream. No matter how driven or ambitious you are, pursuing your creative career is daunting, if not down right scary. If you are a multi-passionate creative like both Byrdie and I am, it can be really hard. Where do you put your limited time and resources? We all need help. Byrdie valued her dream and invested in a coach (me!) to help her stay focused on what matters most. Then she took action.

Reason 3: Learn how Byrdie went from dream to reality. Byrdie came to my retreat with a dream. One year later she’s returning to fulfill that dream. If you are looking for a biz mentor and have been checking me out, you might know that I offer both retreats + 1-1 LifeSTYLE/Biz mentoring. You might be wondering which one is right for you. Byrdie is a 1-1 client and has been to my Creative Retreat in San Miguel and will be coming back very soon, this time showing her work at one of the best galleries in Mexico, Fabrica Aurora.

Reason 4: Get inspired. By sharing stories of people who are bravely pursuing their dreams, we learn what’s possible. If it’s possible for Byrdie, it’s possible for you.

Like a proud momma, I am invested in my clients. When they excel, I can’t help but get a little giddy. Actually, I want to shout it from the rooftop. Byrdie, I’m proud of you. I’m inspired by you. I’m honored you chose me to help you along this journey.

Learn More

Byrdie has a gift for you. She’s written a guide to help artists with 8 vital steps to help you get your art into the world! Click here to get the guide.

Check out Byrdie’s website here.

Follow Byrdie on Instagram here.

Check out Fabrica Aurora, one of the best art galleries in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Check out Galeria Manuk (inside Fabrica Aurora where Byrdie is showing her work).

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