Podcast Interview: On Purpose with Alex Beadon

Hey ladies!

One of my fav topics to dive into with women in biz is how to elevate your work space to better support your dreams and goals. Recently I had the pleasure of chatting it up about this very topic with Alex Beadon on her podcast, On purpose.

Here’s a sum of the show notes:

  • How I chose to open my own business and how it nourishes me

  • Creating a creative, uncluttered work space can clear your mind

  • Being intentional about what is in your work space

  • Having storage containers where you normally dump things is an easy trick to tidying up

  • Why increasing natural lighting and lighter colors in your work space is important

  • How to maximize minimal office space

  • Get messy and creative with less clutter. Why keeping less on your desk is more

  • Making your work space fit your own work style can be as simple as acknowledging your lifestyle intentions

  • Lifestyle intentions are the parts of life that inspire you and set your passion on fire

  • Writing lifestyle intentions help set-up your work space for success

  • How to make your work space feel like home when you are on the road

  • Shaping a life that pleases you first

  • An impactful book I recommend “Overcoming Underearning”

  • Challenge: Look at your work space, see how you feel, and do one thing that will elevate the space

3 Key Points:

  1. Creating an uncluttered work space is important for doing work that matters.

  2. Knowing your lifestyle intentions can guide you to design a work space that will fit your work style.

  3. Natural lighting, lighter paint colors, and easy storage locations are all important parts of tidying up your office space. Focus on having only the tools you use on your desk to maximize space.

If you’re looking for some practical tips on creating a functional, beautiful work space that supports you in your life be sure to carve out some time and tune into this interview!

XO Desha

Desha Peacock