Advanced Style With Debra Rapoport

Do you worry about loosing the essence of who you are as you grow older?

We talk a lot about creating the life you crave here at Sweet Spot Style. We also talk about the importance of beauty and how surrounding yourself with beauty will make you feel beautiful.

I want to clarify something though, when I’m talking about beauty, it may not be what you think.

Beauty to me is self-defined. It’s a feeling that lights you up and gives you joy. For me, experiencing beauty doesn’t necessarily mean a lifestyle full of channel bags and million dollar yachts. Although, nothing wrong with that. I can appreciate many forms of beauty, but it seems I’m really drawn to the kind that is a bit worn.  I admire older homes full of history and charm. I am drawn to rustic beauty, too. A handmade cabin in the woods, for example.

But when it comes to aging as a woman, that scares me a little. And why shouldn’t it? Our culture doesn’t necessarily regard the aging woman with delight. In fact, many older women report feeling invisible, or worse- feared as a symbol that no-one wants to embrace. Youth is prized and anything else just isn’t.

Until now.

Debra Rapoport


Recently, I met a woman who’s part of movement that is changing all of that. I was staying with a friend in San Miguel de Allende. Mexico at her lovely B&B when she introduced me to Debra Rapoport. If you’ve seen the hit movie Advanced Style, she’s one of the major stars.

Even though I had not seen the movie or read the best-selling book,  I was immediately drawn to Debra because of her funky, almost punk-rock style.

I felt a connection to her that night.

Later, my daughter and I watched the movie together and it changed my perception of age + beauty. I want to share that message with you, so I interviewed Debra.

I hope you’ll take a moment to watch and tell me how you feel about growing older with style….

Is it scary to you?
Are you looking forward to it?
Do you think you can still creatively experess the essence of who you are at any age?

Leave a comment below, love to hear your thoughts.

xo Desha



I met Debra in one of my favorite places on earth, San Miguel de Allende. That’s because it draws in cool people like her. It’s also where I lead my VIP LUX Sweet Spot Style Retreat. Learn more about it here. 

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