From 20K a Year to 20K in a Day

Welcome friends. Today I’m pleased to share this interview with Siobhan McAuley who is someone whose story really inspires me. In this video she explains how she was consciously creating a great life full of freedom and adventure, but she was playing small when it came to earning. Something inside her said “if you want to play like this, you can’t earn the big bucks.”

It wasn’t until she was sick with cancer and on welfare that she decided something had to change.

She changed her mind about what was possible first.

Listen, some people need to be pushed in a big way before they will listen to their heart and really dive into their purpose. But you don’t have to hit rock bottom to be motivated to take inspired action.

Watch this video and learn from Siobhan. Then tell me in the comments below what action you will take today towards living in your sweet spot.

xo Desha

Desha Peacock