What Does an Abundant Life Really Look Like?

Abundance comes in many shapes and sizes… and it’s not always about the $$$!

The first time I practiced the art of intention, I asked for abundance. Within weeks I was pregnant for the first time! It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was really hoping for cold hard cash, but I was gifted with an abundance of love.

Often my clients come to me because they are seeking a lifeSYTYLE change. Sometimes that includes a shift in finances, but more often than not it’s a certain FEELING they are seeking. They want to feel loved, supported, fulfilled, full of meaning, hopeful, creative, inspired, free…

What I’ve come to learn is by focusing on creating a lifeSTYLE based on how we desire to feel, we are setting ourselves up to live a Sweet Spot Style life. It’s often not exactly how we think it should happen and that’s ok. As long as you get the feeling, it’s a win. 

And that’s what I’m discussing with the lovely Linda Chaousis, on her Australian podcast Your Abundant Life. In this episode, we share how to design your life according to your own rules.

We talk about how multi-passionate entrepreneurs can craft an umbrella brand that can hold many of your passions, as well as what an abundant life REALLy means. PLUS learn what to do when you feel stuck, even when you have no idea how to move forward.

Love to hear your comments. What does it mean to create your own abundant Sweet Spot Style Life?

Want to Create the lifeSTYLE you Crave?
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Desha Peacock