When is the Last Time You Really Invested Yourself?

As women we are natural multi-taskers + care-takers. It’s our natural inclination to be of service to others and we do a lot. Many of you are mothers, wives, creatives, business owners, sisters, aunts, lovers and makers.

You plan the meals, make the play dates, pick up the dog poop, do the laundry, AND bring home the bacon.

And sometimes you feel that if you stepped away from all of your giving, things might just… well, they might just fall apart!

But, we also know that the queen needs to take care of herself or the castle will crumble.

The queen needs to be taken care of, too.

Who is taking care of you? Who is planning your meal, handing you a drink, giving you time to reflect + think about what’s next in your life or biz?

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a few days to escape this beautiful (yet, oh so full) life for a spell to be completely pampered with the luxury of time to think, reflect and plan?

Imagine if you used that time to RESET surrounding yourself with beauty + creative energy so that you can come back energized, focused & ready to live fully in your higher purpose?

Honey, it’s your turn.

Desha has definitely found her calling. She has this calm demeanor that puts everyone at ease and she knows how to find that special gift inside each person she is helping. My expectations for the retreat were surpassed. I knew it was going to be fabulous, but I never imagined to be going home with such wonderful new friends and clarity about my future endeavors.

Plus, it was so nice to be removed from the normal hustle and bustle of life and have the time to focus on my goals, and where I want to be in life. I would definitely come back to one of Desha’s retreats!
— Julia Schaap

Ready to invest in yourself and gift yourself with the time to really think big and up leveling your Biz + Life? 
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Desha Peacock