Let’s work together.

You are a multi-passionate, multi-talented person with lots of ideas.

You are smart, ambitious and crave a business and life that you design, a life full of freedom, prosperity, travel, beauty and meaning. You’ve seen others create it, so you know it’s possible. You have a vision, but where do you start? You need a mentor who provides unconditional, nonjudgmental and full on dream support. Change feels a bit risky, so you need a mentor who has felt and experienced what you are experiencing. Someone who has risked it all to pursue her dreams and has succeeded. This gives you hope and that is a powerful thing.

Want to know the #1 reason people aren’t living in their Sweet Spot?

It’s not because they lack motivation or desire. It’s because some part of them says they can’t have what they really want. And even if they can admit their inner heart’s desire, they simply don’t know HOW to make the dream become reality. It’s really hard to figure all this stuff out by yourself. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there. It’s taken me YEARS to get where I am today but it doesn’t have to be such a long and arduous process for you. Let me save you some time, agony, and money and teach you what I’ve learned along the way.

I’m Desha Peacock and I work with multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurs, LifeSTYLISTS, coaches, designers, architects, international educators, writers, and all kinds of smart, ambitious women. They are seeking to creatively express who they are in their business and online so they can reach their ideal customer, make more money, and create the biz + lifeSTYLE they crave. Does that sound like you? If so, keep reading.

Are You Ready To Live Up To Your Full Potential?

Do you have a dream that is on the edge of becoming a reality, but not quite happening? You have achieved success, but you know you can do more. You hate the idea of not reaching your full potential. Even though you are already working hard, you know there is a way to continue to expand but you need support. You need someone who can see the bigger possibilities that exist for you, be your #1 fan. What would it feel like to have someone you trust that will gently push you to reach your full potential, encourage and cheer you on through the hard times, and celebrate your wins at the end?

work with me

For multi-passionate solopreneurs on the edge of their dream who need a kind, supportive and gentle push to help them create the business + life they crave.

You will work with me 1-1 over six months through my custom Sweet Spot Style process to expand your business and take your dreams to reality. 

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How Does It Work?

Phase 1: First you will receive your welcome packet and Sweet Spot Style Assessment Study. You will fill that out before the session begins so we can prioritize your needs and begin to set our intention for working together.
Phase 2: For the next 6 months, we will meet every other week for one hour via Zoom, phone or in person (for a total of 12 sessions). During our sessions I’ll help you gain the clarity you need to form a customized action plan so you that by the end of each session, you will have a set of action steps to implement. During this time, you will receive supporting materials and resources; as well as have access to me via email if you need extra support. At the beginning of each new session I will hold you accountable to your plan, asking you to share your progress so that I can either help you through blocks, celebrate your wins or both!
Depending on your needs, we may:

  • Write an intention that clearly outlines your core- desired feelings around your life/business.

  • Clarify your business model + discover multiple streams of income.

  • Get clear on your target audience. Who do you want to work with?

  • Craft a step-by-step action plan that will leave you focused and motivated.

  • Clear any negative beliefs or blocks that may have held you back in the past so you can move forward with lightening speed.

  • Focus on your core strengths so you are working in your zone of genius and not wasting precious time doing tasks that suck your energy.

  • Implement a marketing plan to build your audience through online marketing, social media, and PR.

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I Grew my IG to over 10,000 followers…

I started my @elizabethbeardesigns Instagram account as a casual way to showcase my work to clients. In less than a year Desha helped me turn my business into one with 10,000 followers!

She helped me get my website going and taught me the power of PR. I was recently featured on both Apartment Therapy and Style Mutt Home! Now I’m working with brands as an influencer.

Desha knows what she is talking about… she is fun, motivational and has become a friend. If you want to develop and grow your brand, you will love working with Desha.

Elizabeth Bear, Interior Stylist/Designer and Influencer

If we all did work we love, the world would be a better place.
— Desha Peacock
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I Should Have Done This Years Ago…

I hired Desha b/c I was struggling w/ how to move forward in my biz. I was disorganized & suffered from analysis paralysis. Since working with Desha I've gained clarity & focus.

She's guided me through which logical next steps to move my business forward. I've gone from a nonexistent email list to getting out my 1st newsletter to over 100 new people, consistently growing my audience, & having a solid plan for continued growth over the next six months.

I should have made this coaching investment years ago, but am so very glad I finally realized I needed professional guidance.

Desha’s expertise has been invaluable!

Summer Sterling, Interior Designer


The Sweet Spot Style Approach

Spiritual + Practical. Listen, I believe in miracles, but it’s rare that someone attains their heart’s desire by sitting on the couch and hoping their dreams will come true. That said, it’s not all about hustle either. I believe there is a divine force out there that can help you move along faster when you are aligned with your higher purpose and deepest values. So, yes I will teach you what I’ve learned about manifesting and also, I will expect you to put forth inspired action. In other words, you get the best of both worlds.

The Results

What’s it worth to you to realize your full potential & start living the life you were meant to live? Here are some of the results you can expect from participating in this program:

You Will Gain Clarity In Your Biz + Clarity in Your Life

Clarity is queen. Without it, you might as well forget the rest. Why work hard towards something that won’t give you real joy? What is it that you truly want right now? More energy? More meaning? More fulfillment? More freedom? During our time together, you will be given the tools to get clear around your business, your ideal clients and your ideal lifeSTYLE.

You Will Have A Written or Visual Life Map to Guide You

Once you are clear on your desires, you need a manifesto or guide to help you stay on track. During our time together, I will assist you in creating an intention that reflects who you are and what you seek to create.

You Will Learn How To Release Negative Beliefs

Your thoughts are powerful. They can help you create an amazing reality full of joy and gratitude, or they can hold you back in fear and anxiety. I will teach you several different techniques for letting go of the negative beliefs that have been preventing you from achieving your dream biz + life.

You Will Take Inspired Action

This may be my favorite part and we will spend most of our time here. Listen, you can make a to-do list a mile long and check off every little box, but if what’s on your list is not aligned with your higher purpose, you are wasting your time. I will help you think clearly and effectively about how to prioritize your list so that you are taking inspired actions to help you create your Sweet Spot Style Life + Biz. Our bi-weekly check-in’s will hold you accountable throughout the process to ensure you stay on track.

You Will Practice Faith

This is a hard one, but required. During our time, you will practice it with intention and over time, you will be amazed as you watch it grow. We are going to call in the higher powers that be so that you can have bigger, better results faster. But you will need faith.

You Will Learn to Support Yourself

Lots of people would like to say they are living in their higher purpose and that they love their work. But the truth is most people aren’t. That’s because it’s risky to uncover your deepest desires, hopes and dreams. It’s much easier to crawl back into your shell and not be seen. We all need support to help manifest our inner heart’s essence. I can do that for you. But I will also teach you how to BE YOUR OWN GURU so that you can support yourself when you need to without relying on the blessings of others.

You Will Gain Abundance

Gratitude brings abundance. You will learn how the simple act of turning your attention to what you are grateful for can change your perspective on your biz and your life and at the same time, call in more of what you desire.

You Will Improve Your Online Presence + Story

Just as your personal style and home reflect the essence of who you are, so does your online presence. I will work with you so that your story shines online whether this is through your blog, newsletter, podcasts, or webinars. Our goal will be to authentically portray the essence of your brand in order to attract your ideal customer to you with ease and grace.


Amira Rahim

I hired desha again because…

We connect in a way that I enjoy, it feels good. But beyond that personal connection, I knew she’d also keep me on task, which is so important for multi-passionate people like myself.

Working with Desha was one of the best investments I made in myself in the early stages of my business.

Her gentle way of coaching helped me to expand the greater version of myself.

She’s results-driven and will hold you accountable to your greater vision.

Desha is a unique guide in the wild, wild, west of online coaching and entrepreneurship.

Amira Rahim, Artist, Mentor, World Traveler


I’ve Done More Than I Thought I’d Ever Do

I had a dream for twenty years and had no idea what practical steps to take. Desha helped me with mindset (setting intentions, overcoming limitations, and moving forward regardless of the all the circumstances).

The result is I’m taking consistent action. In just one year, I’ve built a website. I’ve built an email list. I’ve been interviewed on podcasts. I’ve had international art shows and gotten into residencies.

I’ve done more than I ever thought I could do and working with you, Desha, has helped me do it.

Margaret Byrd, Installation Artist

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You Will Love This If...

  • You have experienced success with your business, but you need help growing your online presence + audience.

  • You are open to learning new technology.

  • You’re an optimist.

  • You’re smart.

  • You have a lot of great ideas, but find it hard to focus.

  • You believe you can do it, but you need some structure, efficiency and accountability.

  • You like the idea of connecting with spirit to help you along.

Not For You If...

  • You are a pessimist.

  • You don’t do what you say you’re going to do.

  • You blame your past or others for where you are today.

  • You aren’t willing to try new things.

  • You don’t believe you can achieve success.

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Desha is My Secret Weapon

Could I have done this without you? Maybe. But I doubt it. Working with you has helped me stay on track, meet my goals and really understand that what I want to create is possible.

You vibe with me on that. Even those closest to me say they don’t see how this can work. You look at my dreams and give me that support that I don’t get elsewhere in my life.

Now that I’ve worked with you, I don’t want to be without you.

Sue Henry, Artist/Textile Designer/ Founder of Tulusa

Why Work With Me?

Hey, there’s lots of coaches out there and I can give you a long list of why you should work with me, but the number 1 reason to work with me should be that your heart and soul is yearning for a change and you have a good, intuitive feeling that I’m your gal. But, if you’d still like to see that list… here it is!

  1. I’m not new at this. I’ve counseled over 600 people in the last 5 years.

  2. I have professional training in this field- I have four years experience as the Director of Career Development at a fine liberal arts college. Multiple training certificates and a master’s degree.

  3. Beyond all this academic hoopla, I am a naturally intuitive, compassionate person.

  4. I’m not just a coach. I’m a mentor. I’ve been through what you are going through. I’ve struggled through 40 jobs before I became an entreprenuer. I’ve cried in the bathroom at work b/c I hated my job. I’ve had jobs I loved and quit anyway b/c I knew deep down inside I’m meant to be an entrepreneur.

  5. I’ve had financial struggles and financial wins. I know it’s not really money that makes you happy- it’s living in your higher purpose that leads to deep joy and fulfillment. But, hey, I love money and want us both to earn lots of it, too!

  6. I’ve taken my own advice. I’ve had dreams and manifested them in my own life.


Are you seeking a mentor who reflects your values and who has achieved the things you want to achieve in your life + biz? Do you crave that 1:1 attention that you can only get in a private coaching relationship? You’ve got it baby!


  • Six months of support, which include 12 one hour sessions over zoom, phone or in person.

  • Your first session is a 90 power hour.

  • Sweet Spot Style Your Biz Assessment Study so we can be laser focused on getting you what you need right from the start.

  • Email support between sessions.


From Part-Time to Full Time Artist

I was making the transition from my full-time finance job to running my business full-time and I wanted to start off on the right foot. Before working with Desha my biggest challenge was not knowing where to even begin.

Being a finance/business person myself, I was aware of the many facets to running a business full-time. I didn't want to be status quo and fumble my way through my transition.

I wanted to hit the ground running in the right direction and learn the best tips from the best business owners. That's why I hired Desha as my biz coach. Desha helped me get organized and run my business with a mix of strategy + intention.

Jessica Hitchcock, Artist


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Sweet Spot LifeSTYLE coaching is $6500. You can can pay in full by clicking below or connect me via email to set up a payment plan at desha@sweetspotstyle.com