VIP LUX Sweet Spot Style Retreat Experiences

in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The # 1 Travel Destination in the World, as Voted by Condé Nast Traveler


Are you ready to upgrade your lifestyle and create the life you crave?

What would it be like if you could start living in your Sweet Spot right now? What would it be like if you were surrounded by beauty, had plenty of uninterrupted time to focus on your desires/goals, and had a loving mentor to guide you along the way? According to the laws of the universe, you get what you focus on. If you want to live a more creative, prosperous and fulfilled life, the best way to attract those things into your life is to start experiencing them first hand. When you start creating, you feel more creative. When you put yourself in an inspiring environment, you feel more inspired. When you surround yourself with positive, ambitious and smart women, you start to feel more positive, ambitious and smart.

When you surround yourself with beauty, you feel more beautiful.
— Oprah Winfrey
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This VIP Sweet Spot Style experience is designed for creative/entrepreneurial women who are ready to upgrade their lifestyle and start living fully in their Sweet Spot. You will learn the Five- Step Process to Success: Clarity + Intention + Releasing Limiting Beliefs + Action + Support. There will be time to reflect, to bond with an intimate group of like-minded women, to get clear on your life/business intentions and to make an action plan to turn your dream into reality.  We will also spend time creating content and learning some powerful social media strategies to help you gain visibility online (I love Instagram!). Our days will include a balanced mix of scheduled Sweet Spot Style daily prompts and workshops, as well as plenty of time to process, rest, play and explore this culturally vibrant city.



Living in your Sweet Spot means creating a beautiful lifeSTYLE that you crave. It means connecting with your higher purpose and doing work you love. It means being surrounded by beauty and having the time to enjoy it all. Really, it’s self-defined. Do you crave more international travel?  Time alone? A more relaxed lifeSTYLE? Expansion in your business? More meaning? What would it look like to live in your Sweet Spot?



Five years ago, I quit my job, pulled my daughter out of school and left the cold Vermont winter to spend a month in sunny Mexico. The moment I set foot in San Miguel de Allende I fell in love. I felt a surge of creative energy, highlighted by the sun and vibrant colors of the sky and landscape.  I came there to live a little fantasy, to put myself in my Sweet Spot so that I could attract more of those delicious moments into my life. I love the feel of the sun on my face. I love to explore new places.  I love to surround myself with other creative souls who have also come to this place to find and express themselves through art and writing.  The energy and inspiration I felt during that month in Mexico fueled me to finish my first book (which sold out in 20 days after my return) and allowed me the time, energy and space to map out my first year of business. It was a gift I gave myself and I want to share that gift with you.

Don’t you wish you had the time, money and energy to kick-start your dreams into action? Wouldn’t it be divine to have uninterrupted time to map out your desires, reflect on what’s important to you, and have input from other smart, ambitious, like-minded women?

This retreat is a gift. It’s the gift of taking time out of your everyday reality to see the world anew. It’s the gift of allowing yourself to bask in the beauty of it all, without having to stop to wipe your child’s runny nose or do the dishes. It’s the gift of walking into a fantasy where you can reflect and create. How much more could you achieve if you had the help of a divine force instead of your regular to-do list? By allowing yourself to be inspired and motivated during this retreat, you will come back with the clarity, drive and an action plan that will put you on the fast track to living fully in your Sweet Spot.

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I had so many ideas for pursuing a creative lifestyle but found I was moving around in circles and not working out where to focus my time and energy. Going to Mexico and working with Desha in such an inspiring and beautiful environment as San Miguel, with like minded women, was so liberating to say the least!  I went home with an abundance of energy and clarification on my direction in moving forward and a new group of lovely supportive friends. 

Belinda Richards, Artist + Art Collector + Bookkeeper for Creatives

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Feb 24-March 2, 2019

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March 3-March 9, 2019


March 10-March 16, 2019

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About San Miguel

San Miguel de Allende is a stunning colonial town in central Mexico that is rated by Conde Nast as the #1 travel destination in the world! Writers, artists and other creatives come here to be inspired by the culture, vibrant colors and gorgeous spring-like weather.


I went on Desha's San Miguel de Allende Retreat and it was truly awesome. Desha DEEP dives, with love, style, ideas, clarity, chutzpah, and strategy- into your creative business. She’s a master of Instagram, getting beautiful books published, and bringing like-minded women together in a beautiful, colorful, delicious, fun and luxurious environment.

She’s been a HUGE inspiration and mentor to me and I wouldn’t be leading my 2018 retreat without her input and support. Don’t just check her out- become obsessed with her. Side effects may include: more joy, beauty, profits, connection, magic, balance, adventure, and confidence.

Desha, I admire you to no end.

Caroline White, Branding Photographer